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Here's an Example:

You currently pay $75 every 4 weeks for your Brazilian Sugaring service. After joining membership, you are automatically charged once a month only $60, and your account is credited 1 Brazilian Sugar. Come in anytime after you are charged & credited to redeem your credit and pay nothing at your appointment (except gratuity, if you choose!). Better yet, add another service and get 10% off that service, always!


- Currently only available at the Ann Arbor location

- 3 successful auto-pays must be charged before pausing or cancelling membership

- Services roll over to the next month if unused

- A no-call-no-show to an appointment will forfeit that service

How to sign up for membership:

1. Book an appointment with Beach Haven

2. When checking out of your appointment, tell your service provider you would like to become a member

3. We will collect some information and sign you up for 20% off your service(s) of choice on a monthly auto-pay

4. Your service that day is discounted to member pricing

4. You are charged on either the 1st or 15th of every month 20% off your service(s), and your account is credited 1 of your service(s)


5. Book another appointment anytime after you are charged and redeem the credit at checkout!

Don't want to wait? Email to join membership now!

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