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Spray Tan FAQ

What should I expect at my spray tan appointment?

When you come in for a spray tan appointment, we will start with going over your desired look, level of darkness & skin tone. Your specialist will escort you to the spray tan area, direct you on how to prepare for your spray tan using sticky feet, dressing options, and then leave the room for you to get changed. Once you are changed and inside the spray tan area, they will enter the room and begin the service. Your specialist will direct you on how to pose throughout the tan for the most even application. The actual spray tan takes less than 5 minutes. You are in and out of the spa within 15 minutes.

How do I dress for a spray tan appointment?

To the appointment: We recommend wearing loose clothes & a loose bra (or no bra) to wear out of your appointment to minimize rubbing & sweating. Leggings or jeans are fine, as long as they aren't too tight.

During the spray tan: Whatever you'd like! Think about tan lines. You're welcome to wear just underwear, underwear & bra, a swimsuit, or nothing at all!

MALES: Please bring boxers, briefs or a swimsuit to wear during your tan.

How does a spray tan work?

When you are sprayed with our solution, you are sprayed with a combination of bronzer and DHA. DHA, derived from powdered sugar, changes the amino acids in your skin to make them appear darker. 

After the spray tan is applied, you must wait a specific amount of time to allow the solution to develop. For the original tan, that's 8-16 hours; for the Rapid tan, that's 2-6+ hours. During the development period, you don't want to do anything that could alter the tan like sweat, swim, apply makeup or products, etc.

I have a special event coming up, when should I get a spray tan?

We recommend getting sprayed 2-4 days prior to your event. This will allow the tan to fully develop and look the most even for your special event. 

How do I prepare for my spray tan appointment?

To ensure the longest lasting, most even tan, please follow these preparation instructions:

  1. Shower & Exfoliate 2-24 hours prior to your appointment. Exfoliating will get all your dead skin cells off, allowing the spray tan to set on even, clean skin, and last 7-14 days. By not exfoliating, you risk the tan sticking to dead skin cells that will shed the day after the tan. This makes the tan look splotchy and uneven. Make sure you shave before the tan, as shaving will make the tan fade faster.

  2. Do not apply any deodorants, moisturizers, lotions, body sprays, etc. right before the appointment. If you applied these products several hours before the tan, don't worry about it.

  3. Come prepared with proper coverage if you don’t want your whole body sprayed. Do you want to leave underwear on? You are welcome to undress completely or leave undergarments on. However, males must wear boxers, briefs, or swim trunks when they are sprayed.

  4. Know that you are not able to shower, swim, or exercise for at least 8-12 hours after the spray tan. If this is difficult for you, we recommend our “Rapid Deluxe” Spray Tan. This solution allows you to rinse in 2 - 6 hours, depending on how dark you want to be; leave on longer if you want to be darker, or shower at 2 hours to keep a light tan.

  5. Wear loose clothes so the tan doesn’t stick or rub wrong. Our solution dries quickly, but wearing tight clothes can create moisture which makes for an uneven tan.

What is the aftercare for my spray tan?

Immediately Following Tan:​

  1. Do not swim, shower, or exercise for at least 8 hours (unless Rapid Tan, then 2-6 hours) following the appointment. Any moisture on your tan before it properly sets will affect the results. After your shower, feel free to do everything else!

  2. Rapid: Decide how dark you want to be. The tan will continue to get darker until you rinse the bronzer off, so you have to rinse it within the allotted time frame. If you got original, rinse anytime between 8-16 hours after you were sprayed. Rinsing before 8 will not allow the tan to develop fully.


  1. Ready to rinse the bronzer off? Rinse with water until all the bronzer is off and the water is clear. Then, you can use body/hair products. Don’t use any exfoliating products like loofahs or scrubs. Be sure to rub your hands all over your body to get all the developer off. Any developer left on will turn into an uneven tan.  The tan will continue to slowly develop for 12-24 hours after the shower, so it's normal to feel super light after you get out.

  2. Bronzer will come off in the shower. It’s normal to see your tan go down the drain. There’s plenty of solution already absorbed into your skin that will keep developing for several hours.

  3. Moisturize daily using a sunless tan-safe moisturizer. Moisturizing will slow the skin’s shedding process, allowing your tan to last even longer!

  4. Enjoy your tan for 7-14 days!

What's the difference between the Original and Rapid tan?

Original: Designed to get to a specific, pre-chosen tone: Light, Medium or Dark. Waiting longer will not make the tan darker, it will stay the same color. Rinse between 8-16 hours. 

Rapid: Designed so the longer you wait, the darker the tan.

The Rapid Solution allows you to control your darkness level, which is why it's the most popular service. Depending on desired darkness, a rapid solution allows you to rinse the tan within 2-6 hours of application. No worrying about ruining the tan, and you get to better control your darkness level. Both solutions take 24 hours to fully develop, and both last 7-14 days.

Oh no! My tan came off in the shower!

Don't panic! This is NORMAL. The tan takes 24 hours to fully develop, so you might feel like you rinsed the whole thing off in the shower. Don't worry, it'll reappear the next day!

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